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The most popular and possibly one of the best animation series of all time is Sailor Moon. The reason why I am saying that it is one the most popular series is because it had over 200 sailor moon episodes aired spanning a time of 5 years from March 1992 to February 1997. Seeing good response to the manga, the anime series was aired just one month after the launch of the sailor moon manga. Co-produced by TV Asahi this anime series has been transformed into many different languages after which it gained popularity all over the world. Seeing an excellent response the show will be re-aired in Japan in 2009, starting from the very first sailor moon episode. Sailor Moon has also been successfully merchandised for over 5000 items.

Sailor Moon is all about the story of a girl named Usagi Tsukino who through her cat Luna gets to know that the world is in danger from the attack of a Dark Kingdom. The story begins with Usagi a small school going child who is really very innocent and proceeds with her becoming a savior of Earth. Using her powers she defends the world against the incoming evil and in this process she gains a lot many number of friends who support her in the battle.

Slowly and steadily she gains knowledge about her enemies. She gets to know about their weaknesses, strengths and the powerful evil forces behind them. Meanwhile while she continues to save the earth, we see that she gets to know about her past and future.

The series Sailor Moon has Serena in the main lead in its English anime and Bunny in the English manga. Usagi is a loving carefree spirit who enjoys life and initially hates to fight evil. She is somewhat immature and behaves in a kiddish manner. As said earlier, she becomes the main lead afterwards in the sailor moon serial and gets her name as Sailor Moon which also happens to be the title of the anime series.

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Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 2

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Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 1

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Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer with English Subtitles

First episode of Sailor Moon Crystal will air on July 5th, 2014!

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Sailor Moon Crystal Anime Artwork Image

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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal 2014 – Releasing in July!

Update: Click here to watch Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 1 After several delays, we finally have have some new information regarding the new sailor moon 2014 series. It will not be a remake of the original series but rather adopting the original manga story and creating it from scratch. As you can judge by the […]

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Sailor Moon 2013

Just a quick update! It has been announced that a new Sailor Moon series will be aired from January, 2014. This series will be streamed worldwide so everyone can watch it. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Image Gallery added to the site!

Just wanted to let everyone know that we have just added a new Image Gallery to the site. Check it out by clicking on the “Image Gallery” text at the very top of the website. Enjoy!

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Download ALL Sailor Moon Movies

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Download ALL Sailor Moon Episodes

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Sailor Moon Supers: The Movie

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